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Brewers trade Jose Capellan to Detroit

Can’t say I miss him but I am glad a negative attitude is out of the Brewers clubhouse.  He pulled some shenanigans a few months back that irritated the Brewers and fans.  Now he is gone.  Brewers have a high class A pitcher from Detroit by the name of Chris Cody.  Even if he doesn’t amount to much I don’t consider Capellan to great of a loss. If Cody is great, even better.

New MLBlog: Jenks’ Joint

The most veteran player on the Milwaukee Brewers now has a MLBlog.  It is called Jenks’ Joint.  I think it is great that a Brewer is jumping online to blog about the team.  A Brew Crew Coup welcomes Geoff Jenkins to the blogging world.


Carlos Lee having a free agent year

After suffering through a slump the last half of last years season. Carlos Lee is Leeagain having an All-Star year.  The Brewers got a big name when they traded for him a last year they have got result.  This seasons has been no exception.  If his current pace continues he will have 50+ home runs by the end of the season.  Completing the series sweep yesterday with his first walk-off home run only adds to his much needed addition to the team.

General Manager, Doug Melvin and Team Owner Mark Attanasio have a big decision to make.  Do they invest in somebody like Carlos Lee or trade him on the market?

As a fan I have to say that immediately you would hope the Brewers would try to keep him.  On the other hand they do have to watch how they spend their dollars as the Brewers do not have a payroll like the Yankees.  I think I have read before that Attanasio or maybe it was someone else on the team has once said they would be willing to invest $70-75 million at most into the Brewers payroll.  Right now it stands over $50 million.  I am guessing that Carlos will take up a significant chunk of that payroll if they do decide to keep him.  Doug Melvin is known for doing a lot of moves that have benefited the Brewers.  Even if he didn’t keep Carlos, I think that it would be sad to have to let Lee go.

My All-Star Picks


I do have to admit first off that I only took a look at offensive numbers.  Hopefully I didn’t overlook anyone with great defensive AND offensive combinations.

First Base: Hafner, T., CLE
Second Base: Roberts, B., Bal
Third Base: Lowell, M., BOS
Shortstop: Tejada, M., Bal
Catcher: Mauer, J., MIN
Outfielder: Guerrero, V., LAA
Outfielder: Ordonez, M., DET
Outfielder: Suzuki, I., SEA
Write-in 1:
Write-in 2:
First Base: Pujols, A., STL
Second Base: Utley, C., PHI
Third Base: Cabrera, M., FLA
Shortstop: Ramirez, H., FLA
Catcher: McCann, B., ATL
Outfielder: Alou, M., SF
Outfielder: Holliday, M., COL
Outfielder: Lee, C., MIL
Write-in 1:
Write-in 2:

Sheets throws strong in outing

Brewer’s pitching ace Ben sheets threw pitches down in Huntsville, Alabama yesterday.  This is taken from the JS Online about the reb-hab assignment.

Sheets, who last pitched for the Brewers on Aug. 26 before being shut down, threw 49 pitches, 37 for strikes, struck out five and allowed four hits and two runs, one unearned. He consistently threw fastballs in the mid-90-mph range, topping out at 96.

Just as important, Sheets said he threw without pain in his shoulder that forced the Brewers to place him on the disabled list, retroactive to March 24, with what is termed a right posterior shoulder strain. He is expected to make another start, for the Brewers’ Class AAA Nashville club next week.

Huntsville Stars pitching coach Rich Sauveur: "He felt very strong out there. He felt like he could go a little longer. He had good velocity on the fastball and the curve was sharp. He threw the ball well."

Prince Becomes King for a Day

Prince Fielder stepped up to the plate last night at 0-11 in his at-bats.  Not a great start that any player would want to hope for.  It was reported that Prince was moved down the batting order to the 7th position last night.  At a crucial time when the Brewers were tied 2-2 in the bottom of the 8th inning Prince final delivered with the game winning single. 

Tomo Ohka pitched 7 strong innings and turned in only 2 runs for the whole game.  Ohka looked a little shaky at times in spring training this season but looked like he might resume his form that he was starting to meld last season.

Did I mention through all this that the Brewers swept the Pirates starting the season 3-0?  A fabulous start for the Brew Crew.  Now it is time for the team to host the Diamondbacks for a series this weekend.

Sheets starts season on DL, Davis named Opening Day Starter

It was reported that Sheets will be on the 15-day disabled list.  It is possible that Sheets next start would be on April 16th which would be the 5th spot in the rotation.  Because of the layout of the schedule, the Brewers wouldn’t need a 5th Starter until that date.  It is not know if Sheets will get the start or not on that date.  He will do some throwing down in the minor leagues.  Doug Davis will be the opening day starter at Miller Park.

It also appears that David Bush, acquired in the Overbay trade this off-season, will land the role in the number 5 spot for the starting pitchers.  Rick Helling who has also been battling for this spot will probably be a long relief pitcher to start.  If Sheets doesn’t comeback soon I wonder if it would be good to give Helling a glimpse at a number 5 spot.  This is the projected starting pitcher rotation for the first couple of weeks.