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And were off!

Brewers come out rock solid on their first game of the season.  Sheets pitched a 2-hit gem.  Way to go Benny!


Duel at the Dome

This is the weekend series that I look forward to the most living in the Twin Cities.  This year, the Brewers definately have their work cut out for them as the are facing the extremely hot Minnesota Twins.  A border battle that doesn’t hold the same intensity, especially since the Crew left the American League, will be played this weekend.  Beside having the games be outside there is no way to better start off the July 4th weekend that with a baseball series.

I am still searching for that turning point for the Crew.  Some changes have gone on in the roster but they still don’t seem to be getting over the "hump".  They win this series it would be a major turning point in the season.  This might be a good test for the team.

Pitcher’s Duel, will it be a sweep for the Crew?

I just looked on-line and the Brewers are in a 0-0 tie. A pure pitching duel is going on in the 11th inning.  Kolb was on the mound.  Picking up 3 straight against a divisional opponent would be a good step. Crew is up in the 11th,…

Update: Drat!  The Reds got a walk-off 3 run homer.  Brewers took 2 out of 3.

Back to normal?

The Brewers have won 3 out of 4 games since ending their 8 game losing skid.  The Padres are in 4th place in the NL West but still have a winning record after their recent road trip.  So they are not a total sluff team.  Hopefully the last trail of losses will not appear for the rest of the season.

Say What?

You might have some friends that follow baseball but weren’t paying attention to how the Brewers started, you might have this following dialog might occur.

The Milwaukee Brewers are 5-0. 

What did you say? 

No, seriously the Milwaukee Brewers are 5-0. 

Oh, you are just playing a joke on me, I get it now.  That was a good one.

No, I am telling the truth the Milwaukee Brewers are 5-0.

Is it still spring training or something?  They might have some promise this year.

I don’t think anybody could have predicted this start by our Milwaukee Brewers.  This is the best start by the Brewers since 1987.  1987 rings a lot of memories for Brewers fans as the Brew Crew started the season with a 13-0 record.  Maybe it was the return of two players on the 1987 team, Robin Yount and Dale Sveum.  After all, Sveum was the player on the 1987 streak to extend the Brewers streak on the famous "Easter Sunday" game. I was hoping media would bring it up and jinx us but all good things come to an end anyway. 

I wonder if Daron Stutton would do something crazy if the Crew did achieved Daronsutton1 the level of 13 straight wins this season.  That is a shout out to you Daron.  Maybe do a dance on the video board at Miller Park that has Napoleon Dynamite like flair.  Or at least with during our FSN broadcast.  Time to study some choreography, Daron.  Oh, I would also recommend a Napoleon-like wig, glasses, moon boots and a "Vote for Pedro" t-shirt.  It is a long shot but you never know how the season will turn out.

Milwaukee hasn’t had a dominant victory yet this season and a lot of the victories have been nail bitters to the last pitch.  The team is still young and a lot of season is still left to be play but it will be exciting to see if the Brewers will get a glimmer of the media spotlight now. 

Prince Becomes King for a Day

Prince Fielder stepped up to the plate last night at 0-11 in his at-bats.  Not a great start that any player would want to hope for.  It was reported that Prince was moved down the batting order to the 7th position last night.  At a crucial time when the Brewers were tied 2-2 in the bottom of the 8th inning Prince final delivered with the game winning single. 

Tomo Ohka pitched 7 strong innings and turned in only 2 runs for the whole game.  Ohka looked a little shaky at times in spring training this season but looked like he might resume his form that he was starting to meld last season.

Did I mention through all this that the Brewers swept the Pirates starting the season 3-0?  A fabulous start for the Brew Crew.  Now it is time for the team to host the Diamondbacks for a series this weekend.

Brewers Win the Season Opener!

I won’t be reporting on every game played and just talking about a win or a loss but the winning the opener is always special for any fan.  The Brewers magic number is 181. 🙂

I saw that the JS Online had this photo on it web site.  A little piece of Americana which is where baseball plays in with father and son.