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Fastasy Baseball

I have been attached to about a half dozen seasons of fantasy football in my lifetime.  I think the best I have done is break even with my investment.  I do one with my cousin’s every season just for fun and without any money.

For fun I will be trying my hand at Fantasy Baseball Challenge.  I know I really don’t know a whole lot about other teams in the MLB with a few exceptions.  I don’t know how I will fare in the game but I am going to try to do a little research for some dark horses that can blossom during the season.  All in all it is still rolling the dice and just guessing.  I may be better off taking a stab in the dark than doing a research before.

I just setup my team and named it the "Leotard D11781_1Battalion",… I think the name shall speak for itself.  I will set up my roster near the end of the year as not to invest in anyone who is injured before the season.  Yes, I can sense the fear trembling inside of my opposition,… or maybe it is laughter.  We will dance our way to victory!