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The Interleague Way

This Friday the Brewers among other teams being to play teams from the American League.  Fans of the Brewers often think of this as a trip back on nostalgia when the teams takes on teams they left behind almost 10 years ago in the AL Central.  Don’t get me wrong I prefer the National League to the American League but do miss those days of the DH.

Minnesota, Detroit and Kansas City are on the schedule for this season.  As a former resident in Minnesota,  one of the series I looked forward to was the Brewers coming to the Metrodome.  It was great to see other Brewer’s fans in the dome.  Last year’s trip was disastrous with the Brewers getting swept.  But this year the team has a lot to offer it opponents.  The series with the Twins in the past in Miller Park, fans have traveled well from Minnesota. 

It would be great if both teams give hotly contested battle (hopefully in the Brewers favor) over the weekend.  The Brewers are coming off of a disappointing road series with the NL East division.  A short home stand might be what the doctor ordered.  Minnesota has been hovering back and forth over and under .500.

Opening Day: It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!

Like a kid in a candy store that is what I am like with Opening Day with the Brewers.  Will the 13th year be the charm for the Brewers having a winning record?  Only time will tell if this will be Lucky 13.

I have to say this is the time when virtually all baseball fans will have the most optimism for their baseball team.  Some optimism might be shot down with a few innings of the first game others as the season progresses.  I am hoping like last year the Brewers are in a wild card race or better until the end of the season (big surprise right?).

As I sit here in Minnesota I can almost seem the grills being fired up in the parking lot.  Man how I could for a Bratwurst right now with some Secret Stadium Sauce in one hand and nice Leinenkugel’s in the other.  I will probably be listening to the game today via Uke on the web.  God bless technology!

Play ball!


First game of Spring Training

The first official game of spring training is about to start.  This is a starting point where all MLB team’s fans have the greatest optimism for the year.  Prospects from the minor leagues get to show their stuff, reports come out that so-and-so is having a great spring training, what free agent acquisitions are going to bring success for our club and so on.

This year I come with more optimism about the Brewers.  Getting a record of .500 proves that after 13 losing seasons, as fan, we have something to look forward to.  The last time the Brewers had a winning record I was in high school.  I could barely drive a car (legally of course).  I am excited to journal my experiences as I go through the season.

Each day will give us insight to what is happening with the direction of the Brewers.  Who’s showing up, who’s struggling and who’s going to be the best choice for the job.