Whatever happened to the “Happy Youngster”?

As long as I am trying to find out information about people in the Brewers past, whatever happened to the "Happy Youngster"?

To set this up I have to explain the history of this Milwaukee Brewers Nick805001_1character.  Back when Matt Vasgersian was the play-by-play person for the Milwaukee Brewers television broadcast.  It was either he or Bill Schroeder that deemed "Happy" his name sake.  This guy got into it so much that he wore a bright yellow t-shirt with his Vasgersian appointed title emblazoned on the front.  I remember him snagging home run balls in the bleachers with ease and Vasgersian being extremely impressed by his home run ball catching prowess.  A celebrity in the regional broadcasting of the Milwaukee Brewer’s Television Network, he set an image within those years of County Stadium.  Devoted fans always seem to make a hallmark in other fans eyes.

His real name is Nick Yohanek.  His fame rose during the 171_2last season or two of Milwaukee County Stadium existence.  I did find an old chat transcript from Vasgersian that claimed that Nick went underground due to security reasons.  Don’t know if it was true or not but makes for an interesting story.  Maybe he ticked off other people in the stands by getting many home run balls or people were jealous of his popularity, who knows.  I am guessing that Nick was just out of high school during that time period so today he has to be in his mid to late 20s.  What have you been up to Happy Youngster?


  1. adamap@findaccountingsoftware.com

    Nick is married to his sweetheart April and they have a lovely daughter. He works in law enforcement.

  2. burtreynolds@saturated.com

    Nick recently gave me a speeding ticket. I don’t really think I was speeding, but that’s beside the point. Though the ticket was overpriced, He was actaully really nice when he pulled me over. At least he’s a cop that isn’t a ****.


  3. kastandya

    Happy Youngster has a huge following! It’s like he’s a celebrity… He’s kinda gotten me into collecting Brewer’s memorabilia lately. After watching his youtube videos and reading blogs like yours, I think the next autographed ball I want is his!


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