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Brat vs Soba Noodles

I caught this little note this morning at the end of the camp report.  With a state that prides itself on its love for bratwurst and beer, this food trend at the Brewers Spring training in Maryvale, Zarusoba1 AZ, you wonder how an item like this is going over.  If it were ever to make it to Miller Park, do you think that Soba Noodles would replace one of our beloved racing sausages? 

I can see the parking lot now, instead of people pulling out their grills for tailgating, they will be pulling out there travel woks and frying up a pre-game meal,… of noodles?  I guess as long as you have beer at the game you will never be missing out on the cuisine.

Baseball is an international game but I don’t know if people from Wisconsin would be as excited about this prospect from Japan.  Although, we are always keeping our eye out for talent.