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Book review: Catcher in the Wry

One of my greatest discoveries was going into a used bookstore and finding a copy of Bob Uecker’s Catcher in the Wry for $2.  I purchased it about 6 years ago and have read it about 4 times now.  Each time I pick it up and it still seems to make me laugh.  If you have listened to Uke’s broadcasts a lot of these stories have been repeated on the air.  It humorously chronicles his career first as a baseball player, then a broadcaster and an entertainer.  If you can find a copy, I consider it good reading.


New MLBlog: Ask Dave

Dave Nelson, former Milwaukee Brewers first base coach turned Brewers TV Analyst/Manager of Alumni Relations now has a blog.  A Brew Crew Coup welcomes Dave Nelson to the blogging world.  Looks like his focus will be taking questions from the fans.

Brewers Radio Network Superstar: Kent Sommerfeld

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has been going into a foray of experimenting with video media on their web site the last few years.  A few of the benefits have centered around the Milwaukee Brewers.

It seems like much of my life Bob Uecker and even Jim Powell of the Milwaukee Brewers Radio Network team have been a fixture in my home.  One of the often mentioned but rarely heard members of that team is Kent Sommerfeld. 

Kent510_1Who is Kent Sommerfeld you may ask?  Well if you don’t listen to many Brewer’s radio broadcast this is probably over your head.  Kent Sommerfeld is the Brewers Radio Network producer/engineer for all the broadcasts.  As someone who worked in media before, I have a lot of respect for the behind the scenes people.  I even think Bob and Jim would refer to Kent a year or two ago to "semi-retired Kent Sommerfeld".  I never figured what that was all about.  It seems like that label has dropped recently.  Here is the story at the Journal-Sentinel.  Also he has a blog called Kent’s Korner where he posts pictures on his road trips.

I found another similar segment about Tim Driscoll, the official scorer for the Milwaukee Brewers.

$15 for a season of Uke

One thing I took for granted while living in the great state of Wisconsin is the 2bob727fact that I got to listen to Bob Uecker.   I grew up listening to Uecker on WATW 1400 AM in Ashland, WI.  Now that I live in the the Twin Cities, when I am traveling through Wisconsin or in my hometown of Washburn, WI, I try to grab him where ever on the radio.  Sometimes if I was on the east (St. Paul, MN) side I would try to tune in across the border in River Falls, WI to Brewers Radio Network affiliates WEVR 1550 AM or WEVR 106.3 FM.  I would usually have to depend on the the stars and atmospheric conditions allining correct to get in a listenable broadcast.  Most of the time it would lead me to pick up the game with disturbing mix of Uecker crossed over with country music.  Not a good combination.

I was Ueckerless for almost six years,… until now.  I have to say that one of the best investments in anything is MLB Game Day Audio.  I made the decision to subscribe today but after thinking about it, it was a no-brainer. 

The MLB advertises $14.95 for a Audio_nonmobile1_3season of all the games on the radio via the internet.  The major selling point is that you get over 2,400 games a season.  That didn’t do it for me.  My most important stat, 162 game of Bob Uecker and Jim Powell.  That is $.09 a game!  I don’t know where you can get that kind of value.  Now I have access to all the Brewer games I ever want.  I even get all the spring training games on the Internet as a bonus to subscribing so I have been listening this afternoon.  It’s like I am back in the promised land (Wisconsin) grilling brats and have a cold brew in my backyard. 

I already got to hear Bob lament to Jim about the fact about that there is not going to be any air conditioning in the broadcast booth in the Cardinals new Busch Stadium.  Bob has already theatened to be walking around in his underwear on those hot summer days.  It is great to be having the Brewer’s radio perspective back in my home.