The Milwaukee Bears and the Milwaukee Cerveceros

In addition to retro Sunday’s this seasons, the Brewers will be show casing 2 additional uniforms this year.

Fjl9coxv1_1In honor of the former Negro League team, the Brewers will don a Milwaukee Bears uniform on June 2nd when the play the Nationals.  The Nationals will be wearing the uniform of the Holmstead Grays.  The Grays were a Negro League team that played in Washington D.C.  I did a little research and it appears that the Bears were only in existence for one season in 1923.  Even with that season, the Bears folded in late July never to form again.  A short but important history to Major League Baseball includes its part with the Milwaukee Bears.  In the last 10 years or so it appears that country is into researching more about its gone but not forgotten leagues with women and African-Americans.

The other uniform taking place is the Brewers will become the "Cerveceros" and play on July 29th against the Cincinnati Reds or should I say "Rojos".  For Cerveceros Day, the Brewers plan to transform Miller Park with bilingual Teddy03291public address announcements, Latin-themed music and videos featuring some of the game’s great Hispanic players.  I wonder what "Roll Out the Barrel" and "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" would sound like in Spanish?  It looks like former Brewer Teddy Higuera will be on hand to be honored that day, it looks like his is already liking the new uniform changes.


  1. Mike

    Well, I thought at first this had the makings of an April Fool’s Day joke but I guess not. Can you imagine what those Cerveceros jerseys will go for on eBay? I was thrilled to see the Brewers bring back the Sunday uniform with the old baseball glove logo. I’m a Tigers fan but growing up, that Brewers logo was my favorite.


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