A Season Half Full

The Brewers hit the halfway point of the season by completing their rubber game of the Cubs series Sunday.  It is still unbelievable that this team is rallying so strong.  I honestly felt that if the Brewers had been a game or two over .500 that would have meant they were on track to where they should be, maybe a shot at a wild card at the end of the season.

I feel my line of thinking on the team is similar to Tim Allen of WSSP-AM in Milwaukee.  I am not ready to be "all in" just yet.  I don’t consider myself a glass half empty guy but I just can’t invest emotionally into the Brewers yet.  Don’t get me wrong I am enjoying the ride so far.  It is a vast improvement over the last 15 seasons or so.  I like that the Brewers are being mentioned and laughter or dead air doesn’t follow behind it.

The All-Star break is the most important turning point of the season.  It is the most obvious and Madden-esque comment anyone could make but it is true.  Some teams come on stronger, some come off weaker.  The Brewers could end up like the Detroit Tigers last year and battle their way through the rest of the season leading.  They have been relatively healthy as compared to last season.  The biggest show of dominance by the Brewers must be displayed in July. Otherwise this could be a long, possibly exciting summer of baseball.

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