The search for Milt Mason: The Original Bernie Brewer

Ph_bernie_brewer_2881_2I have heard this before but for some reason I can’t find out more information about the man.  I am talking about Milt Mason, the original Bernie Brewer.  He is said to be the inspiration for the Brewer’s current mascot.  This information below is taken from the Brewer’s web site is all that I can really find on the man.

The concept of a team mascot first emerged back in 1970 when the expansion team needed to draw more fans to the park. An elderly gentleman named Milt Mason decided to sit atop the old County Stadium scoreboard for 40 days until the Brewers filled the stadium for a game. On August 16, a bat day crowd of 44,387 showed up to bring their adopted hero down from his perch.

Doing historical research on this topic I am trying to get connected more information.  I am putting out a call to anyone with any information on Milt Mason.  Due to the fact that it is said that he was 69 years old in 1970, today, if alive, he would stand to be around 106 years old.  I am looking for stories, links I have missed, photo, video or other material that might provide more insight on this man.  Please forward anything to me about Milt.

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