New MLBlog: Ask Dave

Dave Nelson, former Milwaukee Brewers first base coach turned Brewers TV Analyst/Manager of Alumni Relations now has a blog.  A Brew Crew Coup welcomes Dave Nelson to the blogging world.  Looks like his focus will be taking questions from the fans.


The Interleague Way

This Friday the Brewers among other teams being to play teams from the American League.  Fans of the Brewers often think of this as a trip back on nostalgia when the teams takes on teams they left behind almost 10 years ago in the AL Central.  Don’t get me wrong I prefer the National League to the American League but do miss those days of the DH.

Minnesota, Detroit and Kansas City are on the schedule for this season.  As a former resident in Minnesota,  one of the series I looked forward to was the Brewers coming to the Metrodome.  It was great to see other Brewer’s fans in the dome.  Last year’s trip was disastrous with the Brewers getting swept.  But this year the team has a lot to offer it opponents.  The series with the Twins in the past in Miller Park, fans have traveled well from Minnesota. 

It would be great if both teams give hotly contested battle (hopefully in the Brewers favor) over the weekend.  The Brewers are coming off of a disappointing road series with the NL East division.  A short home stand might be what the doctor ordered.  Minnesota has been hovering back and forth over and under .500.

Brat and a Half

This is a short film called "Brat and a Half".  The the voice of Jim Powell in the background noise.  It is a little creepy at times and at the same time, interesting.  Summertime, baseball, Wisconsin, tailgating, Brewers,… it what baseball is all about. 

It appears that this was shot like the Zapruder film.  One of my favorite joys in life is having a baseball game on outside with Uecker and Powell.  My research puts this radio broadcast at October 1, 1999 against the Cincinatti Reds at Milwaukee County Stadium.

Pee Your Pants for the Brewers?

This is the latest story coming from the Internet.  A web site has popped up at

That right, you are reading it correctly.  This is what the web master states on his site "When the Brewers make the playoffs I will pee my pants." 

That’s right, if the Brewers make the playoffs, this fan will proceed to pee his pants.  He has opened this up to other people so that they can also sign a online pledge to do the same.  The bigger thing is this has got attention in national media as well.  As of Saturday, the site claims that 2,100 people are dedicated to pee their pants as well.

I thought about it and though against it.  But after further thought I realized that if the Brewers do make the playoffs this year, I would probably get so excited and pee my pants anyways.  I should get around to signing up anyway.  I suppose I could sign up my 3-month old daughter, she pees every hour or so anyway.

"Of course I peed my pants, everyone my age pees their pants. It’s the coolest!"  Adam Sandler as Billy Madison in Billy Madison.


Brewers Radio Network Superstar: Kent Sommerfeld

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has been going into a foray of experimenting with video media on their web site the last few years.  A few of the benefits have centered around the Milwaukee Brewers.

It seems like much of my life Bob Uecker and even Jim Powell of the Milwaukee Brewers Radio Network team have been a fixture in my home.  One of the often mentioned but rarely heard members of that team is Kent Sommerfeld. 

Kent510_1Who is Kent Sommerfeld you may ask?  Well if you don’t listen to many Brewer’s radio broadcast this is probably over your head.  Kent Sommerfeld is the Brewers Radio Network producer/engineer for all the broadcasts.  As someone who worked in media before, I have a lot of respect for the behind the scenes people.  I even think Bob and Jim would refer to Kent a year or two ago to "semi-retired Kent Sommerfeld".  I never figured what that was all about.  It seems like that label has dropped recently.  Here is the story at the Journal-Sentinel.  Also he has a blog called Kent’s Korner where he posts pictures on his road trips.

I found another similar segment about Tim Driscoll, the official scorer for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Bring back the Mug!

I have to agree with  Bernie’s yellow slide is not the same as the chalet and mug in Milwaukee County Stadium.  I think it is time to beat back the PC police and do what is right.  After all we are the Milwaukee "BREWERS"! 

A little plug, you can by the shirts on the website.