Why did you sign up for an MLBlog?

I wanted to give a fan perspective on the Milwaukee Brewers.  I had enjoyed Brewer’s Broadcaster, Daron Sutton’s blog for almost a year and thought I would give it a try.  Didn’t want it to always be serious but at times light with humor.  If you are looking for the top 50 prospects in the Brewers Farm system you won’t find it on my blog. 

What is your favorite team and why?

The Milwaukee Brewers.  I do have a few memories of ’82 but I was only seven.  The Brewers seemed to be a competitor in the 80s but it faded by the 90s.  I still followed them in one day that they would have a shot to return to being a contender.  With last year’s results, I think they are starting to become more of contender again.  At the same time losing year after year has made me appreciate what it means being a fan. I would love to see my home state’s team get baseball crazy again.  There is more to Wisconsin than just the Packers, even though I love the Pack.  I live in Twin Cities and soon will be relocating to Houston, TX.  This is one way I stay in touch with the Brew Crew.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

To be able to create anything I want to.  Have an “blank canvas” everytime I fire up my computer.  I can talk about bringing back the trend of handlebar mustaches or the importance of locking up Carlos Lee.  Talking to other fans through the blog is great as well.

Favorite blogs, including at least one MLBlog:

On the MLBlog scene I have enjoyed Mollie at Daddy Raised a Cardinals fan.  True to most Cardinal fans I have met she has seemed to be nice and gracious, except when it comes to Cub fans.  I love Colorado so Tom at The Coors Effect always seems to have some good things to read about.  These two are also interesting because they are fans transplants away from their team.  I always like hearing their perspective.

Most memorable Major League moment(s):

My biggest one is listening Bob Uecker on April 19, 1987 or as other Brewer fans know it, “Easter Sunday”.  Brewers started the seasons winning 11 straight games.  They were on the verge of losing their first game of the season when Dale Sveum hit a walk-off homerun.  Extending the streak to 12 games.  The image of my grandmother’s reaction is still burned in my head.

Also Robin Yount got his 3,000 hit on my birthday: September 9, 1992.


I also have a memory of Dan Plesac picking two attractive young women over me (at the time I was about 11) and didn’t give me an autograph before the game.  I don’t bear any grudge today but it was my first and last attempt in trying to get a MLB players autograph.  I was crushed thought, at the time.


What would you be doing if you weren’t blogging?

Probably working, watching some reality show that I really don’t like anyway or writing an entry in my personal journal.  So I feel that this is a more creative investment.  I have also enjoyed getting to listen to Brewers Radio Broadcaster Bob Uecker on  Now and then I even do some acting in community theater.

Last item you bought at the Shop?

This sweet hat with the old “ball and glove” logo.  I am pleased with the Milwaukee Brewers they have partcially brought back the logo with their Retro Sundays promotion.  Basically the Brewers wear this classic outfit every Sunday home game.  I did even get some help from MLBlogs recently in incorporating the classic Brewers logo on my blog.


Hank Aaron or Cal Ripken Jr.

Happiness is . . .

Either having Bob Uecker on the radio outside or Daron and Bill on TV.  If the Brewers don’t get a win at least they are going to push forward and try hard every game.  I think Ned Yost has accomplished that recently as a manager.  Also I love trying to keep score with my wife, Marcae, at a ballgame.  We always have fun keep up with this challenge.

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